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charliethethug said: "OMFG. Lol! How embarrassing. Sorry mom!"

It’s even more embarrassing to have a cone for a daughter. Or maybe a son? I can’t tell.


not again… x

wow the eitak tag is pretty much me with the exception of a few things


Can’t repeat the past?

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Cory Monteith was a great guy; Funny, deep, thoughtful, and hardworking. In real life, he was the coolest dude, generous, and a great friend to his pals. As Finn Hudson, he did what so many actors strive to do: authentically portray human behavior in a specific, understated manner, thereby eliciting laughter and creating camaraderie with his audience.

If an ability to show others kindness and fostering fellowship are two qualities that all humans should strive for, Cory mastered them long before he died. He deserved a long life. His death has rocked all of us at Glee.

"  - Mike O’Malley on Cory (via littlegleeprincess)

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averyverypersonalflair-deactiva said: "Oh dear... I'm going. I'm going to the Yendys tag lol."

LOL. Good luck, girl.


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averyverypersonalflair-deactiva said: "#you get your own tag LOVES IT. I think I deleted the Charlie one. Or else I forgot the login, idk."

If you actually go in the Yendys tag… it’s strange. xD It’s okay! Yendys > Charlie anyway. 

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"Fuck me gently with a chainsaw. Do I look like Mother Theresa?"  - Heather, ‘Heathers’ (via toddstatus)

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"Chaos is what killed the dinosaurs, darling." 

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